Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Product Code: JL--1028

It is a 20 MHz Dual Channel Oscilloscope that s ideal for, professionals as well as students undergoing technical studies. It is a rugged, light weight instrument that features a brijght, sharply defined trace on a 80 by 100 mm cathode ray tube. The internal trigger signal is ac coupled. An external triggering signal or an external Z-axis modulation signal can be applied via a front panel or rear panel connector and the source selector switch. The horizontal system provides calibration sweep speeds from 0.2s to 0.1 Micro S per division. For greater measurement accuracy a x5 magnifier circuit extends the maximum sweep speed to 20 ns per division. Special Features : Synchronisation of the signals from the two channels can be identified by a Red LED, marked as \"READY\", present on the right hand side top on the front panel.


Frequency Bandwidth DC - 20 MHz
Deflection Factor     5mV/div-10V x div x 5
Sweep Factor 0.2s-0.1s/div. ±5%
Trigger Synchronization  Int, Alt, Line, Ext. TV.
Vertical type CH1, CH2, Alt, Chop
Sweep Mode Auto, Trigger, Single time

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