Soxhlet Extraction Unit

Product Code: JL--2095

SOXHLET EXTRACTION UNITS Without Glass Part : (MENTEL TYPE) Standard mild steel body and upright fittings. Body finished in stove heating paint and other parts duly chrome plated. Housing provided with heating mantels for surface temp. upto 300°C. Provided individual on-off switches & pilot lamps. 1. A unit of 3 mantels rating 600 watts. 2. A unit of 6 mantels rating 1200 watts. a) SOXHLET EXTRACTION UNITS : (Heater type ) Heaters have individual on-off switches & indicators. Provided with one common energy regulator to control all units. Without glass parts. 1. A unit of 3 heaters. 2. A unit of 6 heaters. b) SOXHLET EXTRACTION UNITS : (Hot plate type) As above but with hot plates. 1. A unit of 3 hot plates. 2. A unit of 6 hot plates c) SOXHLET EXTRACTION UNITS : (Bath type) (i) Single Wall Chamber made of stainless steel 1. A Unit of 3 Baths. 2. A Unit of 6 baths. (ii) Double Wall Inner Chamber Made of Stainless Steel. 1. A Unit of 3 Baths. 2. A Unit of 6 baths. Optional :- Sunvic Energy regulator can be provided with all above units

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