Filtration Assembly

Product Code: JL--2254

Filtration Assembly:

Complete kit, ready to use. Ideal for filtering HPLC solvents, or any other general purpose filtration. 
Kit comprises of: 
All Glass Membrane Filter Holder, Borosilicate Glass, 47mm, with Sintered disc for membrane support and aluminum 'duck' clamp. 
Vacuum Pump, Model: P-F6 Compact and efficient. 
Silicon Rubber Tubing 6x9mm -1 mtr. 
Pack of 100 Membranes, 47mm.

1.     Solvent Filtration Assembly with Pack of Cellulose Nitrate Membranes 0.2 m. 


2.     Solvent Filtration Assembly with Pack of Nylon Membranes 0.2 m.

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