Product Code: JL--2675

Following experiments can be performed with this unit:
·         To verify the relation simple pendulum.
·         To verify the relation of compound pendulum & to determine the radius of gyration.
·         To study radius of gyration of bi-filar suspension.
·         To study the undamped free vibration of spring mass system.
·         To study the longitudinal vibration of helical coiled spring.
·         To study the forced vibration of simply supported beam for different damping.
·         Undamped torsional vibrations of single rotor system.
·         Undamped torsional vibrations of double rotor system.
·         To study the damped torsional vibration of single rotor system and to determine the damping co-efficient.
·          Verification of Dunker ley's Rule.
·         To study the forced damped vibration of spring mass system.
·         Floor Space: 2.5 m x 2.5 m approx.
·         Power Supply: 230V AC, 5 Amp. with earth.
·         RPM measurement
o    Digital RPM Indicator with Proximity sensor.
·         The set-up also consists of exciter unit with FHP Motor and speed controller, ordinary strip chart recorder and damper with arrangement for changing damping. An electronic stop clock is provided to measure the time period.

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