Spectro Sample Polisher For Metallurgical Lab

Product Code: JL--2690

Jaincolab presents to the market the faster quality sample. Requirement of high quality samples could be easily fulfilled. Features - Machine to suite the disc housing and to cover the disc plate by 180 degrees for safety. - Made up of steel with air gripping arrangement to launder disc and with locking system to keep the launder disc in position. - At the back of the disc housing the pipeline connected to the dust-collecting unit. - In continues process, there is noise less operation. - Anti fungal, rust proof paint Specification - ABRASIVE DISC - 350MM DIA. - DISC MOTOR - 2 HP OR BETTER, 2800 RPM (MINIMUM APPROX), 3PH, 50HZ, 415 VAC SUPPLY.. - SUCTION MOTOR - 1 HP MINIMUM, 1440 RPM, 415V AC, 50HZ, TEFC TYPE, - STARTER - PUSH BUTTON D.O.L STARTER TYPE WITH OVERLOAD PREVENTOR, - DISC HOUSING - MADE OF CAST IRON AND MACHINED TO SUIT THE DISC PLATE, DISC COVER AND MACHINE STAND AT THE BACK OF THE DISC HOUSING THE PIPELINE IS CONNECTED TO THE UNIT FOR COLLECTING THE DUST, COOLING THE POLISHING DISC AND FOR GRIPPING IT UNIFORMLY AT THE TIME OF OPERATION, - DISC PLATE - MADE OF STEEL WITH AIR GRIPPING ARRANGEMENT OF THE POLISHING DISC AND WITH LOCKING SYSTEM TO KEEP THE POLISHING DISC IN POSITION. - DISC COVER - MACHINED TO SUIT THE DISC HOUSING AND TO COVER THE DISC PLATE BY 180 DEGREE FOR SAFETY, - MACHINE STAND - FABRICATED AND MACHINED TO SUIT THE DISC HOUSING. MAIN AND AIR GRIPPING UNIT MOTOR STARTERS ARE FITTED ON THE MACHINE STAND.

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