Semi Automatic Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab

Product Code: JL--2695

This metallography AUTO POL machine can be used to prepare grind, pre-grind and polish. Once changing grind/polish unit, it can do all kinds of preparation work. AUTOPOL operates steadily in low noise, easily change speed and grind/polish units. So it can increase work area to 20-30%.. AUTOPOL is the best choice for metallographic preparation. Customers choose platen speed: 500/100rpm, 400/800rpm, 300/600rpm, 200/400rpm. Practical and Economic Auto Polishing Machine. Can be the choice for the laboratory looking for reproducible results. Pneumatic assisted can hold multiple moulds (up to 3 to 5 moulds) Disc size 10" & 12" also available) Specification - Grinding and Polishing Wheel Diameter: 250mm - Abrasive Paper Diameter: 250mm - Platen Speed: 500/1000rpm - Operating conditions 10 to 40°C - Single pressure specimen loading, - Electronic control with LC-Display with digital timer - ½ HP Independent polishing head motor - 1 HP High torque AC motor - 10- Aluminum Disc hold up to 3 moulds(30/45mm) - Variable Speed 50-600 RPM - Loading Range 1-200N - Specimen Preparing Time 0-999hr

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