Biological Safety Cabinet Class –II

Product Code: JL--3835

Biological Safety Cabinet Class –II

1.       The Class-II Biological Safety Cabinet are designed for work with biosafety level 4 high risk microbiological agents, and provides maximum protection to the environment and the worker.

It is a gas tight enclosure with a non-opening, completely sealed, viewing window. Access to the interior of the cabinet is through a double door pass through "interchange" box.

Reversing that process allows for safe removal of materials from Class II. biosafety cabinet.

2.       Both supply and exhaust air are HEPA filtered. Exhaust air must pass through HEPA filter. Class III cabinets usually exhaust air back to the laboratory, however the exhaust air can also be exhausted to the external environment via a dedicated ductwork system.

The air exhauted to the environment can also pass through an optional additional level of SAFETY, though not essential, by incineration process (commonly known as Virus burn-out systems).

 Air Flow is maintained by a dedicated independent (optional) exhaust system exterior to the cabinet, which keeps the cabinet and all associated ducting under negative pressure.

3.       Long, gloves and glove ports are attached in a gas - tight manner to ports of the cabinet. Although these gloves restrict movement for the manipulation of the materials isolated inside the cabinet, they prevent the user's direct contact with the hazardous materials

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