Magnetic Stirrer

Product Code: JL--3989

Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic-stirrers with Hot Plate. Hot Plate Magnetic-stirrers, Digital Magnetic-stirrers, LED Display Magnet Stirrer, Multi Station Magnetic stirrers , Ceramic coated Magnetic stirrers, Magnetic stirrers with or without Hot Plate. This group of magnetic stirrers is similar to the conventional magnetic stirrers but have additional hot plate to achieve heating of solutions to be stirred. The heating is controlled by energy regulator/PID controlled Digital microprocessor, which ensures regulation at any desired percentage of the capacity of heater.

Stirring Capacity Ltrs: 500 ml 50 liter

Heating Capacity Watts 500 to 5kw

Dimension ( W x D x H ) mm 190 x190 x 170 and Above depending on Capacity

Stirring Paddle ØxL mm: Various Sizes Teflon Coated

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