Dry Bath Incubator

Product Code: JL--3994

Dry Bath Incubator

Features :-

·               Designed for multi-function dry bath heating.

·               Ideal for Enzyme Reactions, Inactivation of Sera, Incubation and other laboratory procedures.

·               Precise temperature control from ambient 5OC to 100OC with 1OC accuracy.

·               User's self compensation functions for temperature to counter for difference between block temperature and sample temperature.

·               Fitted with Microprocessor Based Pid Digitial Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller for auto control with respect to time and temperature and is also fitted with In-Built Buzer Timer For Auto Control To Indicate Cycle End.

·               Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller having individual display for set value and process value.

·               Heating cavity of 49mm carries one heating blocks of size 96mm (L) x 96mm (B) x 49 mm(H) each.

·               Supplied with any one set of heating block of various configuration available.

·               Recessed well/ cavity accommodates one interchangeable aluminium insert block.

·               Block extraction tool facilitates lifting of hot blocks for easy interchangeability.

·               Dry Heating Block Incubators are powerful, compact and accurate everything you need for the precision heating of test tubes, cuvettes, micro centrifuge tubes and other small containers.

·               High performance and user friendly controls combine to produce a specification which offers exceptional efficiency and reliability. The benefit to you-convenient, no fuss heating!

·               Excellent temperature control.

·               Uniform and stable heating.

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