Dry Bath

Product Code: JL--3995

Dry Bath

LCD display. It easy to setup and use   

Simultaneous display of set and actual time, temprature             

As it is equipped with various optional blocks, the instrument can adapt to different tubes & wells to cope with experimental needs. Tt is easy to replace the metal blocks and is very simple to clean and sterilize.

Reliable design with inner extra temperature protection

Heave of the block makes block change easy and convenient

Temperature deflection adjusting meet with different demands

Microprocessor controlled incubation time and temperature.

Beep-signal / Stop after program completion

Can be produced for OEM customers 

1. Temp. Control Range: from 5C above ambient to 100C
2. Timing Range : 1min~99h59min
3. Temp. Control Accuracy: 0.3
4.. Display Accuracy: 0.1 
5. Heating Time: 15 min (from 20C to 100C)
6. Heating Parts: Heater
8. Dimension (LxWxH): 300x220x170 mm
9. Net Weight: 2.5Kg
10. Standard Blocks: See " Dry Bath Blocks for MK-10/MK-20/MS-100/MSC-100"


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