Plug Keys and Switches

Product Code: JL--4256

  • Plug Keys Switches Science Labs Jaincolab is Manufacturer, Exporter Supplier of Plug Keys Switches Description.
  1. Plug Keys :- Brass blocks are mounted on thick Vulcanite base. The Brass Plugs and lugs are thoroughly inter lapped for perfect. Locking the Plug head is machine moulded. Brass terminal are provided on the blocks.
  2. Plug Keys :- With brass block of 9 mm square thick with all brass Terminals and Screws Size: 1) 1 way 2) 2 way 3) 3 way
  3. Plug Key :- Thick brass block of 10.5 mm fitted on heavy back elite base Provided with all brass terminals. Size : 1) 1 way 2) 2 way 3) 3 way
  4. Plug Key :- Same as above but heavy pattern. Size: 1) 1 way 2) 2 way 3) 3 way
  5. Plug Key Commutator :- Four ways round: - The Brass metal blocks are mounted and vulcanite plates The Plugs and lugs are thoroughly interlapped for perfect locking. Terminals are provided on each segment.
  6. Plug Key Commutator :- As above but heavy pattern.
  7. Plug Key Commutator :- Six way circular.
  8. Reversing Switch :- On backlite base with handle.
  9. Reversing Switch :- M. I . P. type superior quality.
  10. Pohl commutator :- Used in experiments on hysteresis the thick Brass/Copper sheet contact arms the joining strips are fitted on vulcanites Base having 4 mercury pits operation of the contact arm is done with a backelite handle. The terminals are provided on the side. Max current 5.0 Amp.
  11. Charge Discharge Key :- On heavy backelite base, quick action, Silver contacts. Used for charging and discharging of a capacitor.
  12. Releigh Key :- For self inductions on backlite base.
  13. Tapping Key :- (Single contact ) Strip with insulated Knob and terminals mounted on a baceklite base of high Insulation.
  14. Tapping Key :- (Double contact) on backelite base.
  15. Mercury Key :- On Vulcanite base.
  16. Morse Sounder :- Superior.
  17. Morse Sounder Key Combined :- On wooden base with switch set of two
  18. Carry Foster Key :- Fitted on backelite plates with brass C.P, Cup.
  19. D.P.D.T. Switches :- Machine moulded-mounted on wooden with heavy backelite terminals.

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