Orbital Shaker Cum BOD Incubator

Product Code: JL--4882

  • This is a tripled walled orbital shaking incubator cum B.O.D Incubator specification designed to controlled incubation with orbital shaking arrangement with powerful geared motor for many laboratory procedures such as tissue culture.
  • Fermentation studies, enzyme reaction, growth studies etc.
  • The outer chamber is made up of MS Sheet duly painted or powder coated; inner chamber is made of thick S. Sheet.
  • The gap between walls is fitted with high grade glass wool to avoid thermal loss.
  • The plexi glass window makes it possible to inspect the specimen without disturbing the inner temp.
  • The incubator is illuminated with one door operated or panel operated flurescent tube.
  • The unit has a temp.
  • Range from 50c to 600c.
  • The temperature is controlled by dual display microprocessor pid digital temperature indicator cum controller with a accuracy of 0. 50c.
  • Air circulation fan is provided to maintain stability throughout.
  • The speed of shaker is variable from 30rpm to 250rpm.
  • The tray of the shaker is also made of s. S. Sheet with lotus type clamps to hold flasks.
  • The unit is fitted with digital rpm meter 999min digital time.
  • Capacity temp range rpm range 16 flasks of 50ml.
  • 50 to 600 upto 250 rpm 25 flasks of 250ml.
  • 50 to 600 upto 250 rpm 36 flasks of 100ml.
  • 50 to 600 upto 250 rpm optional (extra cost)
  • Timer 0-24 hours
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 3kva.
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