HI-Load 5000 (5kN Loading Device)

Product Code: JL--4923

  • Features Lightweight proving ring for accurate loads Screw jack provides 75 mm travel Compressive or tensile loading Direct read out of true load Replaces cast iron masses.
  • Universal - can be used for student projects 3 year warranty.
  • Description The loading device uses a screw jack with a fine thread and 75 mm travel to apply load through a proving ring.
  • The ring deflection causes a digital dial gauge to indicate the load in decaNewtons because a innovation compensates for the variations of the ring.
  • The gauge also has a zero setting switch so all the effects of self weight and initial set up of an experiment can be eliminated.
  • The ring is designed to be used in compression but a loading yoke is provided to enable tension loads to be applied.
  • Not only is the ring usable for HI-PLAN experiments to avoid using cast iron weights, but it is even more adaptable for student projects where large and accurate loads in any direction are required.
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