Power Supply AC and DC 0 - 12V, 5A

Product Code: JL--541

A very versatile, sturdy and economical power supply, for most of low-voltage experiments. Can also work as a Battery Eliminator. The selection of output voltage is by a rotary switch. The unit is equipped with a fuse and overload protection. Illuminated rocker switch, 3-wire grounded 60 inch (152cm) power cord.We also carry more Power Supplies.

Output AC or DC - 2v, 3v, 4V, 5v, 6v, 7v, 8v, 9v, 10, 11v and 12v, at 5A maximum.


Input: 110v ac.

Unit Dimensions: 8 inch (200mm) x 6 inch (150mm) x 6 inch (150mm)

Measurements are approximate.

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