Muffle Furnace

Product Code: JL--6370

  • Muffle Furnace from Ambala, India Temperature control unit consists of energy regulator or electronic temperature controller, fitted in front of furnace with two pilot lamps.
  • Maximum temperature is 950 C/1100 C /1400 C/1600 C.
  • Available in various standard and customized sizes and capacities.
  • These are ideal equipments for various laboratory and industrial applications involving high heat treatment of standard mass, light weight with ceramic fiber wool insulation (instead of brick insulation).
  • Heating elements are made of Kanthal A- 1/Silicon carbide/ Ammonium Molybdenum wire and backed by high temperature mineral insulation, which avoids loss of energy.
  • The outer casing is made of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, reattached with thick perforated sheet on the bottom portion, painted with attractive stove enamel.
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