Environmental Chamber (Cooled Humidity Chamber)

Product Code: JL--6498

  • Suitable for carrying out different quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • Inner chamber and trays made of SS sheet and outer body of MS sheet duly epoxy powder coated.
  • The gap between the outer and inner wall is filled with high grade PUF insulation to prevent thermal losses.
  • Double walled door is provided with a transparent see through window, magnetic synthetic rubber gasket and lock & key arrangement.
  • A air circulation fan is fitted to maintain uniform temperature and humidity conditions throughout the chamber.
  • Temperature range from 5°C to 60°C is controlled by Microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller with an accuracy of ± 1°C.
  • Humidity is created through steam injection arrangement and is controlled through an Digital Humidity Controller, thus controlling the desired set humidity range from atmospheric humidity to 95% ±3% RH. Mounted on castor wheels.
  • To work on 220/230 Volts AC supply.
  • Unit is fitted with hermetically sealed compressor mounted on heavy MS angle frame at the bottom, to control temperature range below ambient.
  • Optional Accessories : 
  •  External illumination Arrangement
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