Kjeldahl Combined Digestion And Distillation Unit

Product Code: JL--6513

  • Electrically heated, comprising of one single MS tubular stand provided with two shelves.
  • Glass fume duct with B 24 Cone openings (suitable for flasks having B24 socket) having such provision so that no leakage of fumes takes place.
  • One heater box fitted with 500 watts heater and individual energy regulators in digestion part at the lower side and one in the distillation part at the upper side.
  • Distillation part is also provided with brass condenser rack with water circulation systems and clamps.
  • The whole unit is operated on 220 /230 volts AC supply. 
  • Optional Accessories : 
  • Kjeldahl Flasks, B 24 socket
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