Water De-ionizer (Double Bed)

Product Code: JL--6542

  • Water De-ionizer (Double Bed) Deionizers (DI) remove both cations and anions, releasing hydrogen ions (H+) in exchange for the former, and hydroxyl ions (OH-) for the latter.
  • The hydrogen a hydroxyl ions subsequently combine to form pure water.
  • In this process the raw water is first passed through Cation resin.
  • By this process the all the ionized salts get converted to acids.
  • This acidic water is then passed through anion resin which absorbs the acid.
  • Thus the output water gets de-mineralized.
  • Applications:
  • Deionizers are most commonly used when ionic contamination is such that reverse osmosis alone cannot be relied upon to produce water of acceptable quality.
  • In such most instances, mixed bed deionizers may be placed downstream of the reverse osmosis unit, completing the purification process.
  • A wide variety of public water vending machines as well as many industrial applications in the electronics industry operates in this manner. 
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