Water De-ionizer (Four Bed)

Product Code: JL--6543

  • Ion Exchange can be defined as a reversible exchange of ions between a solid (resin) and a liquid containing dissolved ions.
  • These materials are known as anion and cation exchange resins. electro deionization systems are designed to remove both cationic and anionic impurities releasing H+ ions and OH- ions in exchange of cationic and anionic impurities respectively, these ions (H+ and OH-) subsequently combine to form pure water.
  • Specifications:-
  • Compact, non-corrosive components
  • Steel tanks with rubber lining
  • Convenient, modular construction
  • Optional recirculation pumps
  • Brine kill option available for high purity systems
  • Programmable purge prior to regeneration
  • Easy, economical installation
  • Solid-state reliability PLC control for trouble-free service
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