Water Distillation Wall Metal

Product Code: JL--6547

  • Water distillers produce highly treated and disinfected water for laboratory usage.
  • The distillation process removes minerals and microbiological contaminants and can reduce levels of chemical contaminants. 
  • Working Principle Water distillers are neither intended to treat water that is visually contaminated nor intended to convert waste water to safe, microbiologically.
  • A water distiller works by boiling water into water vapour, condensing it and then returning it to its liquid state.
  • It is collected in a storage container.
  • The process occurs in several steps:
  • The steam rises from the boiling chamber. Volatile contaminants (gases) are discharged through a built-in vent.
  • Municipal or well water is manually or automatically fed into the distiller unit’s boiling chamber.
  • A heating element in the boiling chamber heats the water until it boils.
  • Features:
  • Longer service life
  • Reliable in work
  • Sturdy design
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