Over Head Projectors

Product Code: JL--6566

  • Excellent contrast through uni - focal single element 90mm objective
  • Projection platform 250 x 250mm 
  • Features  
  • Built -to-last, sheet metal chassis offers structural and durability un -matched.
  • Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick- Changer which can be easily operated from outside.
  • Should a lamp fail during a presentation the spare lamp can be quickly utilized with simple turn of the knob?
  • The projector does not have to be opened.
  • Indigenous projection lamp with longest life, easy availability, low voltage, high intensity, Halogen switches 24 x 24V/250W.
  • Economy switches DIM/ BRIGHT.
  • Cooling throw cross Air flow fan maintains low temperatures on the stage.
  • Indigenously manufactured - easy access to support and spares.
  • Specialties  
  • Ready for operation within seconds
  • Thermocol packing for safety during transportation and idle for repacking.
  • Rotating projection head 360.
  • Accessories
  • Writing pack, A - 4 plain transparency 25nos, 2 NOS, Glass fuse, dust cover.
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