Over Head Projector

Product Code: JL--6567

  • Over Head Projector
  • Optical System
  • Excellent contrast through 90mm single unit focal objective or 3 elements lens.
  • Optimized brightness due to an optical system
  • Anti  glare Fresnel  lens, projection platform 285x 285mm 
  • Features
  • Built  to last, rust proof, shock proof durability un matched with all ABS body.
  • Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick  charged which can be easily operated from outside.
  • Should a lamp fail during a presentation from outside.
  • Should a lamp fail during a presentation 
  • Halogen lamp 24V/250W.
  • Fine focusing with rack 7 pinion mechanism.
  • Economy switches DIM/ Bright.
  • Overheating device.
  • Whisper quiet cooling Twin fan
  • Easy to open working top, push the lock and open to working top.
  • Safety interlocks system, automatically cut off power of unit while replacing lamp.
  • Colour fringe adjustment.
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