JLab Overhead Projectors (Low Voltage)

Product Code: JL--6577

  • A Most Compact, light and weight and sturdy model, fitted with low voltage Halogen lamp (24volts 250watta) through transformer.
  • It can be used for long duration due to less heat generation.
  • Halogen lamp and Fresnel lens ensure optimum brightness in projection and efficient thermostatic controlled cooling system is provided.
  • Projection writing stage of 250mmx250mm size and is fabricated from ABS plastic.
  • The projection head with elevation device and sensitive focusing can be done through rack & pinion.
  • When switched on, the interlocked light control switch provides protection to the lamp against voltage surge.
  • It also helps to get desired intensity of light.
  • Supplied complete in sturdy card board box with cellophane roll and its attachment, cleaning cloth, vinyl cover and operating instructions.
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