JLab Senior Overhead Projectors

Product Code: JL--6580

  • Overhead Projection, a method of projecting transparencies, has bought the Overhead Projector to the very forefront of the visual aid world.
  • The product is simple in concept and operation, yet its value in helping people communicate with each other is unlimited by the understanding, skill and imagination of it user.
  • A high quality twin-bulb Overhead Projector incorporating all the most wanted features & is available at affordable price.
  • It is having sturdy durable ABS plastic housing with lock, size of Projection writing stage 285mmx285mm, economy switch for extending the normal life of the lamp, deluxe Fresnel Lens, automatic shuts off the power on opening the top cover, latest ventilating cooling system, thermal cut-out switch, folding projection arm, glass reflecting mirror and conveniently operated twin bulb system 24V-250W Tungsten halogen lamps.
  • During presentation, should a lamp gets fused, you can easily switch to another lamp, by just sliding a lever and lamp changer puts you back in action once again.
  • Supplied complete in a sturdy cardboard box with writing roll attachment with cellophane, vinyl cover, writing pack, two bulb 24V-250W etc.
  • Email us at sales@jaincoexport.com to further inquire about the product.
  • Visit www.jaincoexport.com for further details.
  • Also you can reach us at +91-85699-09696 (Whatsapp).

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