Hand and Table Microtome

Product Code: JL--6583

  • The Hand Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals.
  • It is considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way.
  • The microtome is suitable for practical courses in microscopy, for field work during excursions, for school education and for a serious amateur of biology.
  • A well constructed hand operated bench microtome can be securely attached to the edge of any bench, table of work surface with the help of fixing clamp.
  • The section platform has a smooth wide flat top and durable glass surface to guide the sectioning razor & to protect the hand.
  • The feed screw has fine and long threads so that the embedded material may be advanced very gradually to cut thin sections easily.
  • The Razor is made of surgical quality steel with 75mm cutting edge.
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