Precision Rotary Microtome (Spencer Type)

Product Code: JL--6584

  • lt is a universally approved, most modem and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissues up to 1 micron thickness.
  • The feed indicator, located in front of microtome is operated by the latest ‘CAM DRIVE SYSTEM‘ for accurate feed selling from 1-50 microns in steps of one micron.
  • It is graduated in microns, is conveniently located in the front for instant references and its setting is controlled by a knurled knob at the back of the microtome’s.
  • The interior mechanism rests on a heavy cast iron base and is covered with a full swing protective cover for easier cleaning and lubrication.
  • The salient features include independent feed mechanism with automatic safety device, universal knife holder with lateral movements permitting use of the entire knife edge, universal vie type object holder for accurate centering of the specimen.
  • The instrument ensures life-long smooth operation. Individual components are fabricated and assembled from selected material using latest technology.
  • The knife supplied with the microtome is fabricated from imported  grain steel tested for micro-structure, heat treated for optimum rigidity and sharpness.
  • The instrument is supplied with the following accessories in sturdy wooden cabinet.
  • Razor: 120 mm, with back & handle in box.
  • Oil Can: 1 No.
  • Honing Stone in box: 1 No.
  • Dust Cover: 1 No.
  • Object holders (set of three) 1 Set
  • Illustrated operating manual: 1 No.
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