Spectrometer 6

Product Code: JL--6592

  • Spectrometer are used for the determination of measurement of prism angle refractive index of the prism material determination of wavelength and frequency of emitted light.
  • This is a robust instrument designed specifically for student educational use.
  • Equipped with heavy metal base for stability and an adjustable prism table, marked with grooved lines.
  • Main graduated scale of 150mm or 175mm diameter is fixed, double ended venires reading to 30 seconds, of an arc having rotary movement.
  • The telescope is mounted on a movable pillar having fine adjustments along its axis.  
  • Colorimeter is mounted on affixed pillar having objective, Eyepiece and Rack Pinion fine focusing.
  • Model No : HV-ST II
  • Spectrometer 6” Circle
  • 1 Minute of an arc, venire readable by two opposite venires. Complete in plywood cabinet.
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