Batch Enzyme Reactor

Product Code: JL--6630

  • Batch Enzyme Reactor range of small scale chemical reactors comprises four units which represent the most common types of chemical reactor found in industry.
  • This is a reactor system specially designed to perform batch enzyme reaction utilizing the glucose isomerisation reaction catalyze by glucose isomers.
  • The unit is used to demonstrate batch enzyme kinetics and enzyme characteristics.
  • The fourth reactor - stirred tank reactor in series - is mounted on a dedicated unit.
  • The reactors use the saponification reaction between ethyl acetate and sodium hydroxide.
  • This provides a well understood and safe reaction for the students to investigate the different reactor types.
  • Edutek have  developed a set of algorithms which link the degree of conversions of  the reactants to the electrical conductivity of the product.
  • In this way the progress of the reaction can be monitored in real time, without the inconvenience and innaccuracy of titration methods.
  • Features Small bench top equipment Real time reaction monitoring Data logging facility available Cost effective - 3 reactors share same service unit Safe and student friendly Four different types of reactor Chemical Engineering Laboratory Lab equipment manufacturers, exporters and Chemical Engineering Laboratory Lab suppliers.
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